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We are working every day with both industry and government partners to build long-lasting resiliance. We must not delay in reimagining our future and removing barriers to our sector and Canada's recovery. READ MORE. 



View the survey highlights HERE.

FCPC CEO, Michael Graydon, appears on The Voice of Retail Podcast


LISTEN HERE to the exclusive interview!

Join the ranks of world-leading food, beverage and consumer products manufacturers, sales & marketing agencies, and associates who currently benefit from our services and capabilities.



FCPC COVID-19 Resources


CLICK HERE for updates and resources on the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. 

FCPC releases COVID-19 Operations Best Practices for Industry


A practical tool for food and consumer goods manufacturers to achieve our top priorities: keeping employees, products, and facilities safe and healthy while ensuring a steady supply of the essential food and consumer products Canadians are relying on, now more than ever. LEARN MORE. 

An Open Letter to All Canadians


We know that the food and household goods you need feel more essential than ever. Read our open letter on how we’re getting those products safely from #FarmFactoryStoreToDoor while keeping our workers healthy.

Canada's Food, Beverage, and Consumer Goods Manufacturers Endorse Vision of Zero Plastic Waste


Click to read the June 25 press release.



FCPC is bringing Smartlabel™ to Canada. SmartLabel™ is an innovative technology solution to increase transparency of food, beverage, household, personal care and pet food products.

Latest News

June 25
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June 15
FCPC responds to details of the $77.5 million Emergency Processing Fund

May 19
FCPC CEO, Michael Graydon, Appears on The Voice of Retail Podcast

May 5
FCPC responds to $252M emergency aid package coming for farmers, food plants hit by COVID-19


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Aug 19, 2020
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Aug 26, 2020
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